Gaia's design
Gaia Lanfranchi
I am an Italian designer with a background in fine arts and editorial design. Raised in a family that always encouraged me to explore, in 2016 I moved to Gothenburg (Sweden) to attend a 3-month internship in the studio Lundgren+Lindqvist.

During this experience my life changed. First and foremost I met my husband. Along with him I also fell in love with the gorgeous west coast of Sweden. Determined to prolong my stay, I undertook a second internship at the branding agency Happy F&B. Here I could learn more about digital design, a field I just started dipping my toes in and for which I was developing an interest.

Shortly after that I got my first job at Volvo Cars, where I started as a visual designer for the Innovation team. In 2019 I joined the Design team that curates Volvo's website, with the role of digital product designer. What motivates me and fuels my passion for web design is the idea of contributing to a product that will serve many people and they will hopefully enjoy using.

When I am not working, I like spending time out in the nature. I also love cooking, baking and sewing my own clothes. I currently live in Gothenburg with my husband and our cat.